Q: When are trash days?
A: Trash is picked up on Mondays and Thursdays. Trash should be set out by 6:30 a.m. the day of pickup. It can also be set out after dark on Sundays and Wednesdays.

Q: When does the recycling get picked up?
A: Recycling is picked up on Thursday mornings.

Q: Where can I put my firewood?
A: Firewood must be kept on your property. It cannot be stacked in the common areas.

Q: How can I attend a board meeting?
A: Meeting dates will be posted on the Upcoming Events section of the site. All you need to do is notify one of the board members that you would like to attend.

Q: I want to paint or make architectural changes to my home. Where can I find the architectural covenants?
A: By clicking on the “Forms & Documents” link you will have access to all the covenants Reston Association has approved for our cluster. You can also download the application you will need to submit to RA. In addition, RA has general guidelines for properties in Reston. Those guidelines can be found at the “Design Review” link on RA’s website. 


Q: How much are dues?
A: $250 per quarter. For more information, please view the Schedule of Payments section of the website.

Q: When are payments due?
A: July 1, October 1, January 1, and April 1.

Q: Where do I send my payment?
A: Send to the Cluster P.O. Box:
P.O. Box 2104
Reston, VA 20195

Q: Is there a late fee?
A: Yes. The late fee is $10 per month.

Q: How does the Cluster spend my dues payments?
A: Your dues pay for the following services: landscaping and maintenance of common ground, trash and recycling pick-up, snow removal, street and sidewalk maintenance, electricity for street lights, tot lot maintenance, and administration. The Cluster budget is voted on by the residents in May. The Cluster fiscal year begins July 1. You can download our latest budget on the Forms/Documents page.


Q: How many vehicles am I allowed to park in the cluster?
A: The residents of each property are always allowed to park TWO vehicles in the cluster. If the board determines that space is available, a third vehicle may be parked in the cluster at the board’s discretion.

Q: How many RESERVED parking spaces do I have?
A: Each property in the cluster has ONE reserved space.

Q: Are the open spaces available to all residents?
A: Yes, as long as your decal is clearly displayed in your rear window.

Q: Do I need parking decals?
A: Yes. All residents MUST have their parking decal displayed in order to park in the cluster. You may request a decal by clicking on the Parking link and downloading the parking decal application. You can also email us to request an application.

Q: How many decals can I get?
A: Each property is entitled to two decals. A third decal can be obtained if space is available at the time of the request.

Q: My decal is old and you can’t read the decal number any more. Can I get a new one?
A: Yes. You may request one by clicking on the Parking link and downloading the parking decal application. You can also email us to request an application.

Q: How do I request a decal?
A: Just click on the Parking link and download the parking decal application. You can also email us to request an application.

Q: Where do I need to put the decals?
A: Clearly displayed in your rear window.

Q: I have three vehicles. Can I get three decals?
A: Sometimes. Because of the space limitations and the fact that each residence is entitled to two decals, a third decal can only be obtained if space is available at the time of the request.

Q: I own two properties. Can I share the decals between the two houses?
A: No. Since ownership of properties can change, decals cannot be shared between properties.

Q: I have some relatives who will be staying with me for about a month. Do I need to get a decal for them?
A: No. Visitor passes are available for guests who will be parking in the cluster for more than one week. You can get a visitor pass by emailing us to request a temporary tag.

Q: Somebody just keeps parking in my RESERVED space. What can I do?
A: Contact one of the board members. If the owner of the vehicle is contacted and continues to park in the wrong space, or if identity of the owner of the vehicle is unknown, a board member can authorize the towing of the vehicle.

Q: Can I park along the street/curb in the cluster?
A: No. Parking in the cluster is only permitted in designated, striped parking spaces. No street parking is permitted.


Q: Who is responsible for removal of snow and ice from sidewalk in front of my home?
A: The homeowner. We recommend clearing your sidewalk in the morning or within 12 hours of snowfall. Use rock salt to melt the ice.

Q: How much snow must fall for plowing?
A: Our contract specifies two inches. The plow truck will clear the snow from the roadway but is limited where it can push the snow. The truck cannot get too close to cars and corners and other tight spots. We do not pay for a service that will clear sidewalks and parking spots.

Q: What happens when we get a major snow storm?
A: The cluster’s snow contract authorizes the use of a front end loader to move snow during major storms.

Q: How about sanding?
A: Sand and calcium chloride application is used to control ice and slippery conditions.

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